Bently Nevada 3500 Installation & Maintenance and Bently Nevada 3500 System1

Machinery diagnostics and monitoring are crucial factors in the affecting the longevity of equipment. The Bently Nevada Corporation which was privately held until 2002 pioneered the eddy-current sensor widely used in rotary machinery vibration monitoring today. Purchased by GE in 2002, Bently Nevada has remained much the same as they had been prior to their acquisition. This is one of the few companies that GE’s purchase has not drastically changed.

The Installation and Maintenance course was concerned primarily with the proper installation and removal of the probes as well as matching the proximity probe, extension cable, and proximity transducer. It of course also prepares one to connect the transducers to the monitoring system and how to configure the racks.

The System1 class was much the same but for the latest monitoring system. It went more in depth into how to use the data to diagnose a problem.

Brazos Electric had the Beltly 3500 series equipment at their R.W. Miller plant and System 1 at their Jack County Generating Facility; in total I worked with the Bently systems for eight years. The ways in which I have personally used Bently Nevada are: Rotary Position (Keyphaser), Thrust, Eccentricity, and Vibration.