Science and Religion

Our Creator has given us two books by which way may learn more about Him; His word (the Bible), and His Creation. The Bible clearly tells us that we may learn about God by his creation, which gives no person an excuse for their sin. Indeed if there were no God then right and wrong would be relative to the society in which one lives; meaning there is no real right and wrong. Wishing not to turn this into a philosophical argument, I will move on.

Science at its inception was for the purpose of better understanding creation and thereby The Creator. The first scientists were Christians and usually choose to use the scriptures parallel to science to gain understanding. This was Galileo Galilei’s “mistake” in the Catholic Church’s eyes. At the time of Galileo’s discovery the majority view was that the sun and all heavenly body’s rotated about the earth; furthermore the Church believed scripture to support this belief. Galileo reexamined the scriptures and found biblical support for his discovery. When he noted his findings the church became upset and forced him to recant. Not because his theory was not biblical, but because he attempted to understand scripture on his own.

Here is the root of the conflict between some Christians and some scientist today. Generally, scientists are not theologians, and likewise Christians generally are not science minded. I say generally because there are an ever growing number of Christian scientists today, and this is for good reason; God’s two books do not contradict one another. If a contradiction between the two is found, either the science is faulty or the Biblical interpretation.

I write all this in an effort to show that the pursuit of scientific knowledge is valid as well as faith in the inerrancy of the Bible. I am excited to report that almost daily scientists are discovering truths that have been recorded in the Bible for thousands of years.