DeltaV 7024 DeltaV System Administration and DeltaV 7025 Advanced Graphics

DeltaV is one of Emerson Process Management’s control systems, the other being Ovation. The system is modular in nature and is very similar to MTL MOST’s control system; in fact, the hardware is manufactured by MTL. DeltaV does have its own firmware which is not cross compatible with MTL firmware, and it has its own HMI solution. DeltaV is a good product and is great for batching applications, but it does not belong in a power plant. The main problem with it as a power plant controls platform is it is not safe to download online. There is no “online configuration” as most control systems have putting this in the PLC-DCS hybrid category. At heart it is a PLC though technically it is able to utilize distributed I/O.

The classes for the DeltaV were very beneficial, and tiered for the level of training an individual, or organization, may need. I was very pleased with the programming platform that DeltaV takes advantage of. There were many prebuilt and configurable function blocks for use in a program, and allowed for custom blocks to be built. The graphics likewise were above par; in fact version 8, which was used in the class, had some very nice features. I like graphic packages like the DeltaV that allow the use of VB code to be imbedded into the graphics.

The DeltaV was being used by Brazos Electric's Jack County Generating Facility for the two years I was at the plant, and I was the primary controls tech who worked on the system. I have heard that their new plant will be using Ovation instead, which makes much better since in a power plant. Hopefully, they will be upgrading their Plant 1 System to Ovation shortly thereafter. I don’t want to take away from DeltaV as a reliable, and very configurable system, it just would serve better in an environment that has less than a 90% uptime so that changes can be safely made.