ISA Certified Automation Professional

ISA (International Society of Automation) has created a certification for controls professionals who are at the top of their field. The wide spectrum of questions on the exam makes certain that the applicant is qualified and competent to design, program, install, and maintain a control system as well as manage a controls project

ASM Guideline for Effective Operator Display

HMI packages are getting more and more powerful allowing the creation of very realistic graphics. Though we all like to look at, and as designers, want to create, beautiful graphics for our HMIs, studies have shown that there is a simpler is far safer method of graphically representing the process. Enter Abnormal Situation Management, hereafter ASM.

Wonderware System Platform

Wonderware is a HMI package that works with many different vendors hardware. The last several years I have been working extensively with Wonderware’s HMI Packages. Both the Stand-alone and the System Platform implementations have come a long way in their respective Window Maker packages. I have developed custom System Platform objects that display information that is obtained from custom add-on instructions I have built.

LCI Static Start

LCI stands for Load Commutated Inverter; it is used to turn a generator into a motor in order to get a gas turbine up to light-off speed. This class was designed for engineers and maintenance personnel who install and maintain LCI systems. About half of the class attendees were GE employees who would become field engineers. The class had a simulator for setup and testing as well as the occasional instructor induced bug for troubleshooting.

The Nicene Creed

We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen.

Science and Religion

Our Creator has given us two books by which way may learn more about Him; His word (the Bible), and His Creation. The Bible clearly tells us that we may learn about God by his creation, which gives no person an excuse for their sin. Indeed if there were no God then right and wrong would be relative to the society in which one lives; meaning there is no real right and wrong. Wishing not to turn this into a philosophical argument, I will move on.

Citect HMI/SCADA Basic Configuration

Citect is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) platform that is similar in nature to Wonderware. Citect actually beat Wonderware to some features that were added to Wonderware 10. Most notably, the ability to drill down into a symbol to modify attributes. It is also a system that allows for a selection of programming languages to be used in the development of displays. The training for this system was perhaps the best class I have ever taken since college. There were in depth discussions on security as well as hands on use of the system.

DeltaV 7024 DeltaV System Administration and DeltaV 7025 Advanced Graphics

DeltaV is one of Emerson Process Management’s control systems, the other being Ovation. The system is modular in nature and is very similar to MTL MOST’s control system; in fact, the hardware is manufactured by MTL. DeltaV does have its own firmware which is not cross compatible with MTL firmware, and it has its own HMI solution. DeltaV is a good product and is great for batching applications, but it does not belong in a power plant. The main problem with it as a power plant controls platform is it is not safe to download online.

Bailey Infi90 Open Wintools-CAD

The Bailey Infi90 control system is the primary control system for Brazos’ R.W. Miller plant. I admit it took me some time to warm up to this control system. We had the OIS-20 operation interface consoles; these QNX based consoles were archaic and simplistic, and the logic in the processors used function codes instead of a name identifying its purpose. But, in time, I learned to enjoy the methods used to program the Bailey. The hardware is the most robust I have ever been around.

Bently Nevada 3500 Installation & Maintenance and Bently Nevada 3500 System1

Machinery diagnostics and monitoring are crucial factors in the affecting the longevity of equipment. The Bently Nevada Corporation which was privately held until 2002 pioneered the eddy-current sensor widely used in rotary machinery vibration monitoring today. Purchased by GE in 2002, Bently Nevada has remained much the same as they had been prior to their acquisition. This is one of the few companies that GE’s purchase has not drastically changed.